A Sweet Space

Everyone and their mom’s are OBSESSED with Fixer Upper these days… and I am no exception. Of course, this got me thinking, how fun it would be to decorate my own space. I spend hours on end pinning things here and there for my “future humble abode” and saving pictures in my mind of my perfect room and perfect kitchen, perfect baby room and dream office space. SO – I decided to take advantage of my hot pink, floral, and ever so obnoxious PB Teen styled bedroom this week and create a homey space for myself. Crafting and creativity have always come as a second nature to me and nothing to me is more fun than a hands on project, so I went after my dream Chip + Joanna dream room.

I don’t have a lot of tips and tricks for how to decorate a space because as much as someone can tell you what looks good and what doesn’t, the ultimatum in creating the perfect space for yourself is simply creating a place that makes you feel good. Therefore, I love simplistic things.. simple EVERYTHING. Neutrals, greenery, and wood accents are my three favorites and completely encompass what I feel is a ‘homey’ space. So, these are what I used to give light to my new space and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of the most fun parts, though, was creating my own decor out of around the house objects, things you wouldn’t think of to fill a room, and old items originally utilized for other purposes.

ANYWAYS… Chip + Jo, thanks for the inspiration!!!!


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 LEATHER PILLOWS!!!!! Overly expensive, so obviously I had to go for the mini one, but still a center piece and focal point in all-white bedding.

This dang cute tricycle above my bed!! I absolutely adore this thing and it really spoke to the farmhouse look that I wanted to go for so I think it was exactly what my room needed.

These milk jar vases are actually (100%) my favorite thing, but mostly because this was the one item I completely created from scratch. I purchase the milk bottles (engraved with “dairy”), greenery, and iron basket all from the craft store all for $8!!!

I kind of got tired of the side table idea and just decided to get ride of the small lamp and try something new so I purchased this hanging lamp (ALSO FROM THE CRAFT STORE!!) as a make-shift side table lamp and it’s the absolute cutest. Some of my other favorite trinkets on my table are the iron basket for storage, metal letters, and refurbished tree trunk as a base for other items!

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Im a huge sucker for live succulents (see my last post for instructions on making your own!!) and they are so fun and different that I love the look of them simply sitting by themselves. Mirror is from Target!!

These were just a couple of my favorites and obviously I am no master designer, but I think creating a space for yourself is important and can increase happiness if arranged just right!

Cheers to HGTV and Fixer Upper for my first summer project!

DIY Succulent + Cacti Gardens

Okay, so it is NO secret that the latest crave in floral departments everywhere is succulents and cacti. They have been around forever, but they sure are making a statement and I am just as obsessed with the trend as is everyone else. I mean, just walking through the local Mulhall’s the other day with my mom, they had just about every option you could possibly want and some of the cutest and most creative ways of displaying them. Like how dang cute was this display?!

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Anyways, I think greenery is the best way to spice up any outdoor space, indoor space, and everything in between. They are the perfect way to not only add a pop of bright green color and texture to a space, but they literally add life to any room!! I have been building my own little succulent and cacti gardens for the past couple of summers and SO – I thought I’d share some tips and tricks with you all that I have discovered through experimenting with these pretty little things! The best part is – they are inexpensive AND easy to take care of!

So, first things first,

PICK A POT! Because succulents and cacti are so full of texture and life on their own, I think that the simpler the pot, the better. I love a simple beach wood box (this is what I chose this year) or a classic clay round pot. When looking in the succulent department of your local landscaping store, they should have a good range of options and I tend to pick the ones that include a plastic insert. These are super beneficial in the growing process as succulents and cacti grow best when they are able to establish their roots in a tight space.

ROCKS + SOIL! Seriously any type of planting/top soil works, but the best way to keep your succulents healthy is to line the bottom of your container with a layer of rocks or pebbles. If you are going to be growing your plants inside, this helps to keep them dry and provides a bottom layer for water to evaporate in the chance that you over water them.

PICKING YOUR PLANTS! Picking your plants is really up to you.. but I would suggest always sticking with one large statement piece (see below for example), one hanging vine piece, and two other pieces that vary in both color and texture. The more variety of color, the better your pot will look!

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Here are a few tips and tricks for taking care of your miniature garden once you’ve put it all together:

INDOORS: 1. Succulents need about 5-6 hours of sunlight a day when living indoors, so keep them close to a window at all times! 2. Most people think you don’t need to water them very much, but this is a lie! When watering, you should ensure that the soil is completely soaked and no more, BUT you should only water them about every other day. 3. Water the soil and NOT the succulents themselves. The leaves are fragile and can be easily broken off if they are overloaded with H20!

OUTDOORS: 1. If you don’t live in a very dry climate, don’t water them as often. They should only be watered when their soil is completely dry, so if its humid, let them be. If you’re expecting a lot of rain, bring them inside… overwatering them is the end of them. 2. Keep #3 in mind from the indoor instructions!!