The Year of Doing

I thought I’d reflect on a year of a lot of random changes, life decisions, etc. in a super short little post about what I want for this year.

… and then share my hopes for this one! It’s going to be a good one and I’m lucky that I get to live another year in this body, healthy and with happy hopes for what’s on its way. This year I’m labeling my one resolution, The Year of Doing. In every resolution I made for myself I realized the same theme over and over, all I wanted to do was DO EVERYTHING, but this year I want to really do the things I want. I want to invest in them and I think that’s going to be such a good thing for me.

2016 was full of a lot of trying new things and taking on new jobs. I started a new position, dug a little deeper into a new passion, and gave myself a lot hard criticism for not being good enough and not getting exactly what I wanted out of every situation. So, this year when I mean that I want to do and to invest in more, I want that to start with myself. A lot of time, I take on things that I feel will not make me the most happy, but they may help me later on. I’m done with this. Good things, helpful things, and happy things are out there. Here’s to finding them.

I also hope to invest more into the people that make me feel good, the things that I love, and into what I want for my life without caring what everyone else thinks. If there are a few roadblocks, I’ll be okay with it. If something or someone doesn’t fuel my happiness, I won’t bother my time anymore. I’ve learned that you will usually get back what you put in, but not always and if not, that’s okay too. It’s all okay. So, this year I want to do and to invest.

Here’s to my year of investment and getting a little happier each and every day!

Nashville, Tennessee

The magical city I want to call home. Really, though. Living in Nashville would be a dream. I am so so late on posting this, but it’s a late night, finals are over and I am finally getting around to doing some things I just didn’t have time for towards the end of this semester. More so than anything, I have wanted to utilize this internet space to document some of my feelings and thoughts, BUT… I also have wanted to document life memories here! Pictures get so easily lost in the midst of files and folders all over my computer, but here they are all organized in their own place! Those who know me, know that I loooveeeeee my organization, so thank goodness for this!

ANYWAYS – here’s the trip in all of the pictures I could fit on here. (Bear with me, LOTS.OF.PICTURES…. but it’s Nashville. It deserves em!)

Here we go!!!


So, this is honestly embarrassing, but I’ll tell you all anyways. When I started scrolling through Pinterest a month prior to our trip, looking for the best places to eat/visit/things to do/see, I was told you HAD to go to Biscuit Love because they had some of the best breakfast in the city. Reality: I noticed that they had this cute light up sign. So, I went for that reason. Turns out: the breakfast may just have been the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten. Best part: We waited in line for TWO hours to eat it.




Ok, seriously, though. My food was delish. This was my first time trying grits and I loved them. I got the most basic meal, but I’m a sucker for a good bacon and egg breakfast, so I thought I could judge based on my everyday choice. It was amazing.

Biscuit Love is famous for their “bonuts” (pictured above)…. so we got them, obviously. SO good, of course. Basically they were just donut holes made from hand tossed biscuit dough, laying in blueberry compote and topped with lemon whip.

ALSO, Sam ordered the “Chronic Bacon”… I’ve seriously never tasted anything like it and it’s a must-get if you ever try this place.

Amelia’s Flower Truck

Be still my heart, this was the sweetest thing. Sam knows how much I love sunflowers, so he picked me a few after our long awaited breakfast :’) She parks all over town and we saw the truck the next day in the parking lot of Imogene + Willie, the cutest boutique I found in Nashville!! If you’re ever there, follow her instagram @ameliasflowertruck to keep up with their daily locations!

We went to the Chris Stapleton concert at Ascend Amphitheater and honestly, this was just lucky timing. We bought our tickets the day of and didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into so we just “settled” for the general admission seats. Little did we know, general admission is the BEST at this venue. Everyone around us was dancing the entire time and honestly was so much better than being trapped in a seat the entire time. The venue overlooks the Nashville skyline and it’s magical.

When we first decided to go to Nashville, I wanted to make sure we would get outdoors at least one of the days, as that’s super important to us. SO, we got up early and drove two hours to Cummins Falls for a morning hike.

Honestly, it was the best idea to prep for all of the food we were about to eat.

Here’s all of our faves:

The Pharmacy Burger (top) + Mas Tacos (bottom)

These two are in the East Nashville neighborhood right across the street from each other. Mas Tacos was our absolute favorite spot the entire trip and they have a FRIED AVOCADO taco. Just as good as it sounds.

Margherita Pizza at CityHouse

Broadway Street

Pretty aesthetic lighting from a pizza restaurant we went to at 11:45 at night. We literally had an hour left on our parking meter so we decided we might as well go eat pizza to make up for the time that we paid for… typical.

And of course, we HAD to go to the Bluebird Cafe. In case you didn’t know, T Swift was found here!! The music and vibe was really cool and the best way to make our last night the best!


There’s a couple things I didn’t include, but for the most part this is what I got pics of! We also ate at the Loveless Cafe, a must see if you go! It’s home to the best biscuits in Nashville and in an old motel. On your way out, check out the surrounding neighborhoods, some of the dreamiest homes for some of the most expensive prices EVER!

Still dreamin’ of this place.