Back to school and I’ve been in a funk. Probably not the most positive way I could start out a blog post, but tonight I sat down with a group of people who just wanted to hear how I was doing and wanted to know my story. So in all honesty, not that great… but getting better. Lately, I have wondered what fulfills me. I have sat around lately and wondered what things are really filling up my life with joy. I need consistency, yet I seek change, and I crave love, but I thrive off of independence. So, even though my life is in shambles… it might be one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! Here’s why:

I have learned to love living in the unknown! My life has been changing SO much lately and normally I am the kind of person that thrives on to-do lists and being organized and having every second of every day planned out, but a couple things have really made my life a little more hectic and less planned out than normal, and although it may drive me a little crazy… it has done WONDERS for my life.

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I never have felt this happy with everything because I have been stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning how to go with the flow. Living in my sorority house this year (especially with 7 roommates) has also been so so great for me. There is so much to learn from living with other people that really teaches you how to go with the flow and become more giving, loving, and laid back.

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Taking 16 credit hours, holding 2 jobs, being in 4 clubs, and trying to make time for everyone has also taught me that you CANNOT take everything so seriously.

There is so so so so so so much more to life than being so planned out and I have made the best memories having everything fall into place just how it should! God has been doing good things in my life and I am so thankful for that!

So here’s to August, ya taught me so much already! Hello September!!!

A Sweet Space

Everyone and their mom’s are OBSESSED with Fixer Upper these days… and I am no exception. Of course, this got me thinking, how fun it would be to decorate my own space. I spend hours on end pinning things here and there for my “future humble abode” and saving pictures in my mind of my perfect room and perfect kitchen, perfect baby room and dream office space. SO – I decided to take advantage of my hot pink, floral, and ever so obnoxious PB Teen styled bedroom this week and create a homey space for myself. Crafting and creativity have always come as a second nature to me and nothing to me is more fun than a hands on project, so I went after my dream Chip + Joanna dream room.

I don’t have a lot of tips and tricks for how to decorate a space because as much as someone can tell you what looks good and what doesn’t, the ultimatum in creating the perfect space for yourself is simply creating a place that makes you feel good. Therefore, I love simplistic things.. simple EVERYTHING. Neutrals, greenery, and wood accents are my three favorites and completely encompass what I feel is a ‘homey’ space. So, these are what I used to give light to my new space and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of the most fun parts, though, was creating my own decor out of around the house objects, things you wouldn’t think of to fill a room, and old items originally utilized for other purposes.

ANYWAYS… Chip + Jo, thanks for the inspiration!!!!


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 LEATHER PILLOWS!!!!! Overly expensive, so obviously I had to go for the mini one, but still a center piece and focal point in all-white bedding.

This dang cute tricycle above my bed!! I absolutely adore this thing and it really spoke to the farmhouse look that I wanted to go for so I think it was exactly what my room needed.

These milk jar vases are actually (100%) my favorite thing, but mostly because this was the one item I completely created from scratch. I purchase the milk bottles (engraved with “dairy”), greenery, and iron basket all from the craft store all for $8!!!

I kind of got tired of the side table idea and just decided to get ride of the small lamp and try something new so I purchased this hanging lamp (ALSO FROM THE CRAFT STORE!!) as a make-shift side table lamp and it’s the absolute cutest. Some of my other favorite trinkets on my table are the iron basket for storage, metal letters, and refurbished tree trunk as a base for other items!

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Im a huge sucker for live succulents (see my last post for instructions on making your own!!) and they are so fun and different that I love the look of them simply sitting by themselves. Mirror is from Target!!

These were just a couple of my favorites and obviously I am no master designer, but I think creating a space for yourself is important and can increase happiness if arranged just right!

Cheers to HGTV and Fixer Upper for my first summer project!