An Open Letter to Kappa Alpha Theta

I read this quote the other day while scrolling through my Pinterest feed.


And I just thought, how stinkin’ true. And then I thought… my thetas.

This is something I LOVE about greek life and something that I love the most about Kappa Alpha Theta. We all share the same values and we all share the same love for our letters. Most importantly, though, we all share the same love for each other. How cool is that? So many times before you come to college you hear the overbearing opinions of people who try to find five reasons why greek life isn’t for them, and don’t get me wrong – it isn’t for everyone, but it’s for me and it’s for the hundreds and thousands of other people that I get to share my letters with. I have completely began to thrive since the day I got to run home to 1545 S Street on August 22nd of this year, and I have never felt more loved.

Given that it is the season of giving + all things to be thankful for, I just want to thank all of the people I got to run home to 3 months ago. You have changed my life, and I will probably never be able to thank you enough.

VSCO Cam-1

On this day, my life changed + I am not quite sure if there are perfect words to describe the love I have + the love I feel from Kappa Alpha Theta. From the time you’re little, you grow up dreaming about your wedding and your entire teenage life you always think about who will be in your wedding.

VSCO Cam-3

These are the people I know will be there someday.

Here’s why.

They have taught me what a family loves like. You move any distance away from home, whether it be 5 miles or 500, and 150 people are there to eat pizza with you, watching wedding videos with you, + to take you out for ice cream when you just don’t feel like looking at another flashcard.

(If you can’t tell, we all really like food.)

A lot.

These are the people who not only let me borrow their clothes + sleepover in their dorm rooms after staying up way t0o late just because I’m too lazy to walk home, but the people who have welcomed me with open arms after only knowing most of them for just 3 short months. I have never spent more time with so many people than I have in this amount of time. The best part is, I get to fill four more years up with thousands of laughs, hundreds more pizzas, + twice as many hugs.

When your parents send you off to college, I don’t think that school is their biggest worry. Actually I’m sure of it. I know that any parent would wish only love on their child + that their child find people that will fill them up with enough potential to carry out a bright + beautiful future. Any parent would wish that their child surround themselves with people who build them up + people who pick them up. I believe that no successful life is built or lived alone + how stinkin’ cool that I don’t have to because of these people. Parents can only do so much for their children before they are forced to drop them off to their adult life. They raised us + taught us, with morals and values that we all now share. All parents wish nothing but faith, hope, + love on their children when they set them off to fly.

That’s why I’m so glad I chose the kite. I get to fly.

Kappa Alpha Theta is faith hope + love, and a lot of good people, a lot of good memories, + a couple hundred really amazing souls.

So thank you, to my pledge class for being so beautiful, all the freakin’ time. And thank you, Kappa Alpha Theta… for choosing me when I chose you. I sure do love ya.

All my love (+ a love of theta love),